On-Site Repairs and Service.

We specialize in mobile diesel repair and fleet truck servicing. Our professional technicians are qualified to diagnose, repair and service all types heavy equipment, including tractors, construction/farm equipment, generators, and fluid-pumps, an well as auxiliary systems such as electrical, hydraulic, braking, and environmental control. Our mobile repair trucks are equipped to handle nearly all repair jobs. Repairs are done at your site, saving your company time and money and getting you back to work quickly and efficiently.


Our Services.

On-Site Fleet Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance services directly to your location, keeping your fleet in good working order. Minimize downtime and get maximum efficiency from your fleet.

Diagnostic & Repair

Our advanced diagnostic tools and skilled technicians specialize in pinpointing and fixing any diesel engine problem. Trust us for reliable repairs that get you back on the road faster and safer.

Air, HVAC, Hydraulic Systems

We handle maintenance and repairs for air systems, HVAC, and hydraulics, ensuring they function properly ensuring a comfortable and efficient operating environment for your drivers.

Eaton Clutch & Transmissions

We are Certified for Eaton clutch and transmission systems. Ensure smooth operation and longevity of your vehicles with detailed attention and premium service.

Lighting & Electrical

We offer services for all lighting and electrical system needs, from regular checks to fixing complex issues.

Disc & Drum Brakes

Safety is paramount, and our disc and drum brake services ensure that your brakes are responsive and reliable every time.

Welding & Light Fabrication

We offer customized solutions, crafted with precision, to support the unique demands of your fleet.

Annual Inspections

Our certified experts scrutinize every detail to ensure your fleet meets all safety and performance standards, giving you peace of mind all year round.

Certified Technicians

Our team of certified technicians is at the heart of our service. They bring a wealth of experience and ongoing training to every job, ensuring high-quality, professional service for your diesel fleet.

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Contact Our Team

(+801) 317-5662

Service Area & Hours

We provide on-site service from Salt Lake County to Cache County, servicing the entire Wasatch Front of Utah.

Normal Hours: 9AM to 6PM M-F.

We also provide on-call service 24-7.